#Holistic medicine is a branch of alternative medicine that involves treating the whole person, which includes their physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being. It refers not only to their body but their mind and emotions as well. The practitioners attempt to avoid the use of medication and surgery.

Instead, practitioners incorporate the use of minerals, vitamins, herbs, diet, medication, lifestyle changes and prayer as forms of treatment. Holistic health practices look at all aspects of the person to treat their ailments.
Physicians often view holistic medical practices as unconventional and the practice is frowned upon by most that practice traditional Western Medicine. Even so many people will seek this form of treatment and it is widely popular. Some people who believe in holistic medicine believe in the “natural approach” or some simply seek this form of treatment out as a last resort when they feel that their medical treatment by a conventional means of action has failed them in some way.

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